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Greyhounds Athletics

Lebanon High School


Greyhounds Athletics

Lebanon High School

Greyhounds Athletics

Lebanon High School

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9 months ago @ 3:03PM

2020-2021 Sports parent information beginning of the year

2020-21 Important Junior High and High School Sports Information

  1.  Athletic Forms listed below must be turned in before a student is allowed to practice. The sports fee must be paid before they are allowed to be in uniform for a game.
  2. All athletic forms are available in the online 20-21 school district registration packet.  We encourage parents to fill them out online in the school registration packet so they will be send to the school secretary so they can be checked off as received asap.  This is a list of the athletic forms that are in the school registration packet that must be turned in with a current physical before athletes are allowed to practice.

Athletic Handbook (sign back page sign off sheet and turn it in, not the whole handbook)

Sports Hold Harmless Form

Athletic Trainer Consent to Treat Forms (there are 2 of these)

Performance Enhancement Drug Testing Form (High School Athletes Only Turn This One In)

Lebanon School District Concussion Policy Form

IHSA Sports Physical Form (Dr. office will also have this form)- good for 395 days from last one, must have ok to participate in sports marked on it by the doctor

Sports Fees: High School $60, Junior High $40 per sport/per athlete

  1.  Fall sport, head coach and practice start dates:

Junior High Baseball, Josiah Munton: Monday July 27th (Time TBA)

Junior High Softball, Lori Reinneck:    Monday July 27th (Time TBA)

HS Volleyball, Marsha Shirley:             August 10th (Time TBA)

HS Cross Country, Scott Neill:             August 10th (Time TBA)

HS Golf, Glenn Stark:                            August 10th (Time TBA)

HS Soccer, Cameran Keepper:             August 10th (Time TBA)

  1.  Fall Sports Parent/Athlete/Coach Meeting

Junior High Baseball and Softball- a meeting will be held but right now we are not sure of how that meeting will be conducted.  It could be by a Zoom (electronic meeting, or smaller groups with designated times).  We hope to have this meeting during the week of July 13th or July 20th).   We will get information out about the meeting as soon as we get guidelines from the state.

HS Soccer/Volleyball/Golf/Cross Country Meeting will be the same way as the junior high meeting above, and will likely be during the week of July 27th or Aug 3rd

Options of places to get a sports physical:

  1.  MedExpress 1711 W HWY 50, Ofallon IL, $30, Open 8-8 everyday


                    2. Walgreens, Fairview Heights, $35-$45 in the past



       3. Your Family Doctor


Winter Sports Start Dates (Dates are subject to change by a couple of days, but this will give you an approximate idea of when these sports start and will need paperwork and fees turned in)

Parent/Player/Coach meetings will usually be a week or 2 before official start of season, but dates and times are TBA


JH Cheerleading Tryouts- usually 1st week of October

JH Boys Basketball (Monday Oct 5)

JH Girls Basketball (Monday Oct 5)

JH Bowling (Coach has voluntary practices in December but season starts in January *basketball players and cheerleaders will finish their season 1st before going to bowling

JH Volleyball (Monday Jan 11th)


HS Cheerleading Tryouts- usually last week of September

HS Boys Bowling (Monday Oct 26th)

HS Girls Bowling (Monday Nov 16th)

HS Boys Basketball (Monday Nov 9th)

HS Girls Basketball (Monday Nov 2nd)


Spring Sports Start Dates:

JH Track (Tuesday March 1st)

HS Track (Monday March 1st)

HS Baseball (Monday March 8th)

HS Softball (Monday March 8th)

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