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Greyhounds Athletics

Lebanon High School


Greyhounds Athletics

Lebanon High School

Greyhounds Athletics

Lebanon High School

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3 years ago @ 10:13AM

Instructions on how to sign up for sports email and text notifications

How to Sign-Up for Alerts/Cancellations and Sports News to be sent in an email or text to you this year.

  1. Go to

  2. Click the word “Join” in the upper right part of the page

  3. Your next screen will be Account Registration, please fill out

Choose I am a (fan, parent, student)

Then fill in:

First Name, Last Name, email address, mobile phone (including area code), zip-code and create a password for your account

Then click Sign Up

  1. The next page will say Fan Dashboard, click on My Favorites/Alerts

  2. The next page will say Edit Account on top with Favorites, Alerts and Alert Settings tabs below and at the bottom of that box in the left corner it says (+ Add a school),             click on the +

  3. A pop up window will open asking you to search for your school, enter the zip-code 62254 and click on Lebanon High School (this is used for all of our hs and jh sports pages and information) and Lebanon High School will be added to your list

  4. Another pop up window will open and ask you to choose which sports you want to follow, you will select the sport, then select level (varsity or junior high) and then select gender (boys, girls, co-ed)The only sports that are designated co-ed are HS Track, JH Track and Cross Country, all other sports are designated either boys or girls.  Sports like soccer, cheerleading where we allow boys and girls to play are still listed as their gender for that season (soccer-boys) (cheerleading-girls)

  • You must do this for each sport so for example:

  • Baseball     varsity         boys

  • Volleyball   junior high  girls

  • Track    junior high   co-ed

  1. Next on the Edit Account page click on Alerts tab

  2. Then click on the boxes you wish to receive alerts about: Schedule Changes and/or Scores and Stats.  If you choose both of them you will receive alerts from the coach and the athletic director. ( I suggest to everyone to click on both Schedule Changes and Scores and Stats)

  3. Next on the Edit Account page click on Alert Settings then click on(+ Add an Alert)

  4. Then add your cell number and email address

  5. The last step, you will receive a code by text for your cell #, enter that code on the edit account page on the Alert Settings tab.  You will also receive a verification code by email, follow its instructions and you are now set up to receive text and email alerts for the sports teams you have specified.

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